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WIKIDEAL and the MERCHANT, a powerful combo

The concept behind WIKIDEAL is based on the strength of group buying power to offer the best possible discounts in a variety of cities. Our goal is to offer our thousands of members special savings on a variety of products and services that can be found in their area.

Therefore, the WIKIDEAL experience consists of jointly creating an unbeatable offer with the merchant: not only do we work for the benefit of our members, but also for the benefit of your business. We are confident that many of our users will be delighted with your products and the quality of your services and become loyal customers.

WIKIDEAL can be seen as a facilitator for establishing a vast network of customers.


You are the headliner on our site for a full day.

You have a focused opportunity for FREE targeted marketing for your products, favouring your advertising budget.

You present an unbeatable offer that differentiates your business and thereby motivates our members to try your products/services.

You attract new clientele without risk because the customer has previously paid for your products/services.

Absolutely no money is asked from you in advance.

WIKIDEAL is paid automatically by keeping a portion of the value of the coupon.


WIKIDEAL special offers

We offer our member great deals in several fields. Here are some examples:

Restaurants, Bars and Cafes:

The savings you offer encourages new customers to explore without hesitation the diversity of your dishes. WIKIDEAL also allows you to increase your sales volume, and this, especially during periods that are usually somewhat less busy.

Health and Well-Being:

WIKIDEAL allows you to showcase your most popular products. You can also give your customers the long-sought opportunity to afford a new range of treatments and to try out the benefits of your products and your packages.

Activities, Entertainment and Events:

WIKIDEAL acts as a great medium to help fill to capacity concert halls and classes (dance, yoga, martial arts, etc.). WIKIDEAL is the quick solution to increase your visibility in the marketplace and to obtain recognition for your services.

Shops and Stores:

Increase your retail sales by offering a compelling bargain. With WIKIDEAL, you can attract potential new customers to increase sales and promote your popularity in the market.

Get-Aways and Hotels:

WIKIDEAL is a promotional tool of choice that allows you to offer more members the opportunity to live an unforgettable experience in the comfort and warmth of your hotel. The extraordinary bargain you offer motivates a large number of members to plan their next stay at your hotel.


Join the WIKIDEAL adventure

Step 1 :

Our professionals work with you to create unbeatable discounts ranging from 50% to 90%.

Step 2 :

Your offer is both displayed on WIKIDEAL’s website and e-mailed to our large network of members. In addition, you’ll gain exceptional visibility into our partner network.

Step 3 :

Your offer is activated only if the established number of purchases is reached.



  • Unique visibility ensuring the popularity of your business
  • Surge of new customers who bought your voucher and are motivated to visit and discover your products and services.


Once the agreement is signed…

Step 1:

Your merchant account is activated. This interactive account gives you access to information about your offer. Your offer follows a specific order determined by the current demand of applications. Generally, there should be a waiting period of one to six weeks after signing the offer-showcase contract. However, rest assured that we pay special attention to the needs of your company, your objectives and the category of your business.

Step 2:

Before we post your offer on the WIKIDEAL website, a mock-up will be sent to you in advance. This allows us to verify that your offer is consistent with the contract established with our representative and that it is to your satisfaction.

Step 3:

Following this agreement, WIKIDEAL will automatically send you a list of all buyers that you will receive by E-mail.
Each coupon is given a unique code and also contains the name of the buyer. This allows you to validate the authenticity of the coupon which you can then deactivate following its use. 


Additional information

For questions pertaining to registration of your company, contact us by e-mail at or visit the Frequently Asked Questions for merchants.